About Me

Hi, My name is Carl Nixon, some people know me as the “Excel Expert” or the “VBA Guy”.

My Mission

To provide affordable software solutions to clients who may find proprietary software either too expensive or too limiting. I utilize the full power of VBA and Python to create software solutions capable of challenging most propriety software packages.

I aim to provide a flexible service that produces results that far exceed my client’s expectations.

My History

For the 10 years before becoming a VBA Developer / Excel Consultant, I was employed as a systems and procedures analyst for one of the UK’s largest motor Insurance companies, Admiral Insurance. I lived and breathed spreadsheets and my Excel/VBA skills grew and grew. Before I knew it, I had become the “Go to Excel/VBA Guy”.

When I investigated what Excel or VBA services were available for local businesses, I was shocked to find that other than training services, there was nothing available. No one was helping businesses build or maintain Excel or VBA tools. Even on a national level, there were also very few options available. So, I decided to turn my Excel skills into a career.

This discovery lead me to set myself up as a freelance VBA programmer. I now offer businesses around the world a range of Microsoft Office, VBA, and Python based services and solutions.

The VBA Programming Bit

I first learned to program in BASIC on the Sinclair ZX-81 (yes, I’m that old). Since then I have constantly strived to develop solutions in as many languages as possible. Eventually focusing on the two programming languages I believe are vastly underutilized in the office space, VBA and Python.

Over the past 5 years, I have focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. Initially, this was using packages such as Automation Anywhere and UiPath, both of which I found to be lacking in flexibility. So, I know focus on developing bespoke RPA solutions using VBA and Python.

The Writing Bit

I have been a keen author for nearly 5 years, and I have been lucky enough to write 3 best-selling books on Excel on Amazon.

This year I have become a regular publisher on the Medium platform where I write articles on business, technology, gaming, robotic process automation, and life in general. Most of these articles can also be found on this site.

The Personal Bit

Family life is an important part of my life, so it is only right that my 4 wonderful grandchildren seem to steal most of my spare time.

Self-education is another sizeable part of my life, and I’m constantly looking to learn new skills. I have just finished my second year of studying for a BSC (Honours) in Computing and IT with the Open University.

I dedicate what remaining spare time I have to raise money for children’s charities and campaigning for children’s rights. Because of this, I have had several adventures, including being a part of the first aid convoy into Kosovo. I was also “banned” from Bulgaria for several years after campaigning there.

My fundraising work has included organizing the Welsh premieres of Casino Royale and the Harry Potter movies. I also organized special screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and all-night screenings of the Alien and Back to the Future films. Other fundraisers have included fashion shows and “ladies’ nights”.

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