Hi, my name is Carl Nixon, AKA the “VBA Guy”.

For over 20 years, I have helped businesses become more efficient through automation and process simplification. In that time, I have written 3 top selling books on Excel, and worked with businesses big and small from a wide range of sectors.

My approach is to utilise software you already have in the office (Access, Excel, Word, Outlook etc) or open source platforms like Python. This greatly reduces development times and makes your project easier to maintain.

As I come from a systems and processes background, I’m particularly well adapted to identifying a client’s needs.

This background also enables me to create solutions that fit my clients existing systems. This greatly reduces the time and fuss needed to introduce projects into the workplace.

Why Did I Become a VBA Developer?

For the 10 years prior to becoming a VBA Developer / Excel Consultant, I was employed as a systems and procedures analyst for one of the UK’s largest motor Insurance companies, Admiral Insurance. I lived and breathed spreadsheets and my Excel/VBA skills grew and grew. Before I knew it, I had become the “Go to Excel/VBA Guy”.

When I investigated what Excel or VBA services were available for local businesses, I was shocked to find that other than training services, there was nothing available. No one was helping businesses build or maintain Excel or VBA tools. On a national level, there were also very few options available. So, I decided to turn my Excel skills into a career.

This discovery lead to “The VBA Guy” being born. I now offer businesses around the world a range of Microsoft Office, VBA and Python based services and solutions.

The Non-Developer Bit

Family life is an important part of my life, so it is only right that my 4 wonderful grandchildren seem to steal most of my spare time.

Self-education is also a major part of my life and I’m constantly looking to teach myself new skills. I have also just finished my second year of studying for a BSC (Honours) in Computing and IT with the Open University.

I dedicate what remaining spare time I have to raising money for children’s charities and campaigning for children’s rights. As a result of this I have had several adventures including being a part of the first aid convoy into Kosovo. I was also “banned” from Bulgaria for several years after campaigning there.

My fundraising work has included organising the Welsh premieres of Casino Royale and the Harry Potter movies. I also organised special screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and all-night screenings of the Alien and Back to the Future films. Other fund raisers have included fashion shows and “ladies’ nights”.

Who I Work With

I have had the privilege of working with an exciting range of clients. They have ranged from micro businesses through to global corporations and brands. The projects I have completed for them vary from tide prediction systems through to tools that manage over $500m of hedge funds.

My reputation for producing results where others have failed, has resulted in me gaining clients from all over the world. Over 80% of them becoming repeat clients.

Who I Don’t Work With

I’m very active when it comes to humanitarian causes. I was one of the first civilians into Kosovo after the NATO intervention and I have campaigned for children’s rights around the globe.

I carry these ethics into my work, so I do not work for governments with poor human rights records or for companies directly associated with such governments.