AFME – International Survey Data Gathering and Reporting Tool

International survey data gathering and reporting tool for the European financial sector.

Client Overview

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) is the voice of Europe’s wholesale financial markets. They represent the leading global and European banks and other significant capital market players. They focus on a wide range of market, business and prudential issues and offer a Pan-European perspective.

The Challenge

Each month the AFME surveys its members across Europe to assess their financial position and outlook. The results from the survey are used in a monthly KPI style report that is made available to its members and the financial media. Unfortunately, the AFME’s online survey software could only produce results in a very non-standard format. This meant the gathered data needed to go through a manual cleaning up process before being included in the monthly report.

Once the data was cleaned up, various weighting systems needed to be applied to the survey results to make them useable and meaningful in a report.

My Solution

I developed a tool that would automatically upload and process the survey results into a useable format. This involved correcting formatting issues and removing hidden characters. Once cleaned, the tool added the desired weighting systems and formed a data source ready for the dynamic reporting section to extract results from.

The reporting section of the tool presented the results in a dynamic dashboard report. This allowed the user to select country, sector and date ranges for the report. Once the report was complete, the user could then simply export the individual charts, graphs and tables into a format suitable for importing directly into a PowerPoint presentations and press releases.

The Results

The benefits to the AFME include;

  • A time saving of over 300 hours a year.
  • Automated processing of survey results.
  • Their once static report is now fully dynamic.