ALUK – Data Conversion and Manipulation Tool

An automated tool that converted data on hundreds of thousands of stock items for use in a new stock control system.

Client Overview

ALUK are manufacturers of innovative aluminium building systems for the construction industry. They supply aluminium building systems that include curtain walls, windows, doors and sliding/folding doors.

The Challenge

When ALUK rapidly expanded across the UK and Europe, they invested in a new stock control system to manage their hundreds of thousands of products. Unfortunately, their new system was incompatible with their old system.

They needed a way of quickly converting data from their old system into a format that was suitable for their new system. Manually processing the data would have taken years to complete.

My Solution

I created a tool that took the data from their old system and automatically converted it into a format suitable for their new system in a 4-step process.

Step 1 – Broke down assemblies in their old data down to their sub-assemblies and component parts.

Step 2 – Passed the resulting parts through several conversion processes, including producing new SKU numbers for all the parts.

Step 3 – Reassembly the assemblies and sub-assemblies using the converted SKUs and gave them new unique SKUs.

Step 4 – Exported the resultant data in a format that was suitable for the new stock control system.

As a final check, an error capture system isolated any items that either failed the conversion process or contained corrupt data.

The Results

Some benefits that ALUK experienced included;

  • Greatly simplified the conversion process.
  • Eliminated 99.9% of the errors already in their existing system.
  • Saved over 3,500 hours of manual work.

Since completing this project, we have worked on several other projects for ALUK.