Amazing Support Company – Client Analysis Tool

Automated client analysis tool that allowed the Amazing Support Company to identify their profitable and loss-making clients.

Client Overview

The Amazing Support Company are an IT support and infrastructure business based in London. Their services include IT support, disaster recovery, cloud solutions and large IT projects such as server and workstation migration projects.

The Challenge

The Amazing Support Company provide IT maintenance contracts to business in London and Bedfordshire. They needed a way to determine which clients were profitable and which were costing more than the revenue they were generating. This would allow them to adjust the cost of their maintenance contracts on a client by client basis.

My Solution

I built an automated tool that imported their client data from their accounting system and their CRM system. From this I was able to build dynamic reports which could breakdown profitability by sector, type of hardware owned, age of hardware, the number of call outs and cost v’s income. This allowed the Amazing Support Company to identify which clients were producing profits and which were costing them money.

The Results

The Amazing Support Company experienced many benefits, including;

  • Greatly simplified dynamic reporting.
  • More accurate classification of clients, hardware and costs.
  • A time saving over 120 hours a year.