Automate Excel and More

Find yourself performing repetitive tasks in Excel and the other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Access, Outlook etc)?

Save Time, Money and Effort with Excel Automation

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then your business can save a lot of time, effort and money with Excel automation;

  • Do you manually manipulate / convert your data?
  • Do you waste time copying and pasting data from one place to another?
  • Do you manually download files from FTP sites?
  • Do you manually convert file types?

If you are committing any of these sins, you are wasting your businesses time and effort. More worryingly, you are inviting errors to creep into your data – every touch point invites human errors to take happen.

Other common tasks that can benefit from automation include;

  • Preparing imports for non-Excel software.
  • Mass manipulation and processing of sizeable amounts of data.
  • Cleansing of data.
  • Error seeking and capture.
  • Preparation of data for reports.
  • Plus many more tasks.

The benefits of automation are not limited to just saving you time and money. It can also remove the risk of human errors and improve your data’s accuracy.

Benefits of Automating Excel and Other Office Applications

Every Excel automation tool we create is fully bespoke to match your exact needs. There are many benefits to this approach, including;

Time Savings

I have saved businesses around the world tens of thousands of hours with Excel automation. How much time could I save your business?

Ease of Use

Automation will reduce your complex Excel and office processes down to just a mouse click or two. Improving accuracy and saving time.

Error Prevention

Humans make errors – they copy and paste the wrong cells and mistype things. Our automation will eliminate these processes and their associated errors.


Every tool I build is designed to be open and expandable by anyone with the relevant skills. Ensuring your application will carry on serving you into the future.

Speedy Results

By utilising the power of VBA, you can perform repetitive tasks far quicker than a normal spreadsheet ever could.


By removing the risk of human errors and by using other data validation techniques, the accuracy of your data will increase dramatically.