Bowater Price – Leasing Comparison Tool

Several rate book processing tools that saved Bowater Price over 2,400 hours a year and improved their customer’s options.

Client Overview

Bowater Price plc are vehicle leasing specialists based in High Wycombe. They supply leased vehicles to the public and businesses around the UK and are one of the UK’s most established names in vehicle leasing. They can supply anything from a single vehicle to fleets of commercial vehicles.

The Challenge

Like most vehicle leasing brokers, Bowater Price were drowning in rate books provided by their funders. Each funder provided their rate books in different formats with differing vehicle descriptions and data. For example, one funder would provide pricing for based on specific mileage, term and initial payment options. Another funder would provide pricing based on a different set of mileage, term and initial payment options.

This made finding the best deals on a specific vehicle, mileage, initial payment and term combinations a long winded and manual process. The combinations of different funders, mileages, initial payments and terms, produced over 60 million price points to search through.

My Solution

I have provided Bowater Price with several tools that have helped them automate their processes. These include;

Tool 1 – This tool automatically uploaded dozens of funders files and commonised them into a format suitable for uploading to the Bowater Price website and their internal CRM system.

This process also applied several calculations to the pricing, including;

  • Applying mark ups.
  • Creating more initial payment options.
  • Adding maintenance options.
  • Producing commercial and personal leasing pricing.

Tool 2 – A specialist provider of a small range of vehicles produced their rate books without the vehicles CAP codes (an international unique identifier code for every make, model or variation of vehicle manufactured).

I developed a tool that would compare the vehicles descriptions, CO2 emissions and list prices against a known list of vehicles to find their missing CAP codes.

The Results

My tools have enabled Bowater Price to save over 2,400 hours a year.