Corporate Citizenship – Charity Donation Management Tool

A data entry system and reporting tool that saved Corporate Citizenship over 200 hours a month and reduced their data entry errors by over 90%.

Client Overview

Corporate Citizenship are a global management consultancy that specialise in sustainability and corporate responsibility. They work with corporate clients around the world to achieve their commitments to responsible business behaviours and sustainable practices. They have offices all around the world and their clients include global giants such as Barclays, HSBC, Cadbury, Unilever and Jaguar.

The Challenge

The majority of Corporate Citizenships clients help charities by donating their unused office space and by providing access to their internal resources. Corporate Citizenship’s satellite offices manage these donations at a local level on behalf of their clients. Data on these donations and how they are used is gathered by Corporate Citizenship’s London office, where they draw up a monthly report based on 36 KPIs.

As each of Corporate Citizenship clients donated more and more resources and supported more and more causes, gathering the data became problematic.

It was time consuming and error prone. Each cause and donation needed recording and updating on a regular basis. Up until then, this was achieved by exchanging hundreds of emails and re-entering data into a spreadsheet. This process involved a lot of cutting, pasting and the re-entering of data. This consumed lots of time, money and effort, whilst exposing Corporate Citizenship to a greatly increased risk of human errors.

My Solution

After helping Corporate Citizenship to identify their key metrics and KPIs for their client’s donations, I built a two-part tool to gather and report on their data. This automated most of the process and eliminated over 90% of the human errors that entered their data as a result of their manual processes.

For the first part, I built a data entry spreadsheet for use by each of Corporate Citizenships satellite offices. This tool allowed the satellite offices to quickly and easily enter details of donations. The data was validated as it was entered, which greatly reduced the risk of errors. The data gathered included;

  • The financial value of the donations for tax purposes.
  • The number of people and type of people who benefited from the donations.
  • The charities taking advantage of the donations and their cause.

Secondly, I built a reporting tool that accessed all the satellite data entry tools, gathered the data they held and produced a dynamic report. In the dynamic report it was possible to select specific date ranges, countries, charities and causes. The resulting KPI report was used by Corporate Citizenship’s clients in their annual and monthly reviews.

The report was also used to identify areas of business behaviours and sustainable practices that needed more attention or that presented new opportunities.

The Results

The tool saved each satellite office dozens of hours a month and Corporate Citizenship’s London office over 120 hours a month. Data entry and processing errors were reduced by over 90%.

The tool was so well received I was commissioned to turn the tool in to a multi-language tool. The final version of the tool was available in 14 different languages with the option of adding many more.