Dashboards and Reporting Tools

Reporting tools will give you insights into your data you never thought possible. Automated, quick and accurate.

Dashboards and Reporting Tools for Your Business

If you find putting together reports is an uphill struggle and you’re just endlessly copying data from one place to another, my reporting tools can make your life a lot easier.

My reporting tools can automate the whole process from start to finish, allowing you to get on with more important things.

My reporting tools are not limited to reporting on financial and sales data, they can report on just about any aspect of a business that can be measured. My reporting tools help businesses around the world to perform key tasks, including;

  • Planning production capacities and loads.
  • Monitoring $500m of hedge funds performance.
  • Monitoring of resources and stock to ensure production capability.
  • The scheduling production of 300+ products.
  • Applying “what if” scenarios to complex business models.

These are just some of the bigger reporting projects I have completed. Our reporting tools are successfully running in hundreds of businesses around the world. They help businesses like yours report on anything from basic time sheets through to the running of large-scale production facilities.

The Benefits of Accurate Dashboards and Reporting Tools

There are too many benefits to my reporting tools to list here, but some more popular benefits include;

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting allows you to select and adjust the reporting criteria of your report (date range etc.), making your static report much more dynamic.

Fully Automated

With a click of a button, your reporting tool will automatically gather the required data and process it before generating your report.

High Accuracy

No more cutting and pasting the data into the wrong places. No more accidental over typing of any important formulas.


All your reports will be pre-formatted and laid out ready to print. No more worrying about overlapping pages and margins.

Easy to Use

Select your reporting criteria from dropdowns and tick boxes, and then click a button to generate your report. It really is that simple.

Time Saving

I have saved businesses around the world tens of thousands of hours with Excel automation. How much time could I save your business?