Data Cleansing & Manipulation

Ensuring your data is free of errors and ready for use can be an uphill struggle. Cleansing tools can remove all of that struggle for you.

Automated Data Cleansing & Manipulation

When you are preparing data for use in a particular system or piece of software, it is not unusual to find errors. It is also not unusual to find the data is incorrectly laid out, or the data is just in the wrong format.

This is especially true if your data preparation involves combining data from several sources.

The five main problem areas are;

Errors in the data – Caused by data corruptions, badly maintained databases or out-of-date data.

Hidden characters – When transferring data from one system it is not unusual to pick up hidden characters such as new lines, carriage returns or hidden delimiters.

Missing information – Some tables of data need cross referencing with other tables – this cross-referenced information is not always included, but it can be added it back in later.

Needs to be manipulated – Some data needs processing before it can be introduced to a system. This could be as simple as adding sales tax to costs or correcting the capitalisation of text.

The data is incorrectly laid out – The data we need is not always laid out the way we need, so this could mean rearranging the order of the data or the separating of fields.

You could opt to do all of this with formulas and a lot of cutting and pasting (not recommended) or you could use an automated cleansing/manipulation tool.

The Benefits of a Data Cleansing & Manipulation Tool

There are too many benefits of a data cleansing tool to name here, these are just some major ones.

Error Checking

Data is checked against a set of rules to ensure it is viable. This can be to check data is present, in the right format and falls in a given criteria.

Error Correction

By applying a set of rules, our data cleansing tool will automatically correct any errors found during the error checking process.

Hidden Characters

My cleansing tools can remove hidden characters and formatting that gets accidentally included in your data.

Fully Automated

The cleansing operation can be reduced to the click of a single button, leaving you free to do more important stuff.

Filling in The Blanks

If blanks are found in the data, the cleansing tool can fill in the blanks using a predetermined set of rules to calculate / lookup the values.

Data Preparation

The final stage of cleansing the data is to put it into the required layout or format. It is then exported in the desired file format.