MGN Fire Protection – Project Management Tool

A contract management tool flexible enough to manage and track both fixed contract work and ad hoc work.

Client Overview

MGN Fire Protection are specialists in intumescent coatings, industrial coatings and fire stopping/air sealing systems. They also undertake areas of fire boarding. They are based in the Northumberland with regional offices in Manchester and London and were established over 20 years ago.

The Challenge

MGN Fire Protection are contracted to work on sites around the UK and although most of the work is fixed contract work, their clients often require them to carry out additional ad hoc work on site. Keeping track of this ad hoc work and the materials used was proving problematic with lots of emails being passed back and fore.

This information needed to be gathered up and combined with data from the fixed contract elements. This would then allow them to produce and track a payment schedule for the work carried out.

MGN Fire Protection checked all the “Off the shelf” solutions available, but they soon found that none of them could handle their required level of flexibility.

My Solution

I developed a contract management tool that was flexible enough to manage both their fixed contact work and their on-site ad hoc work. It allowed them to record;

  • Work carried out on the fixed contract work.
  • Materials and equipment used on the fixed contract work.
  • The requested ad hoc work, and the progress made on it.
  • The additional materials and equipment used on the ad hoc work.
  • The additional staff hours spent on the ad hoc work.

To minimise the risk of human errors when entering this data, I used a collection of Windows style forms with built in error prevention and validation.

The tool was divided into the following sections;

  • Client data and information
  • Contract data and information
  • Employee’s hours and information
  • Materials used and stock control
  • Consumables and equipment use

An easy to use navigation system ensured the tool was intuitive and easy to use by anyone.

The Results

The benefits experienced by MGN Fire Protection include;

  • Quicker and more accurate data entry.
  • Improved control of employee’s hours and their utilization.
  • Greater control of ad hoc materials, equipment use and staff utilization.
  • Improved and dynamic reporting tools.
  • Human errors reduced by over 90%

After completing this project, I went on to help MGN Fire Protection automate other areas of their business.