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AFME – International Survey Data Gathering and Reporting Tool

The Challenge – Each month the AFME surveys its members across Europe to assess their financial position and outlook. Unfortunately, AFME’s online survey software could only produce results in a very non-standard format. This made generating reports a long laborious process.

The Solution – The tool I developed automatically gathered, cleaned up, and commonized the files received. A dynamic reporting tool allowed AFME to generate a wide range of reports whilst applying various weighting systems.

The Result – The automated solution saves AFME nearly 300 hours a year, and they now have a fully dynamic reporting tool.

ALUK – Data Conversion and Manipulation Tool

The Challenge – When ALUK rapidly expanded across the UK and Europe, they invested in a new stock control system to manage their hundreds of thousands of products. Unfortunately, their new system was incompatible with their old system.

The Solution – I created a tool that took the data from their old system and automatically converted it into a format suitable for their new system. It broke down their various Bill of Materials (BOM) in their old system into their component parts. These then underwent several conversion processes before being reassembled into a new Bill of Materials in their new system.

The Result – The tool I developed simplified the conversion process, saving over 3,500 hours of work and reducing errors by over 99%.

Amazing Support Company – Client Analysis Tool

The Challenge – The Amazing Support Company provides IT maintenance contracts to businesses around London. They needed to determine which clients were profitable and which weren’t. This would allow them to adjust the cost of their maintenance contracts on a client by client basis.

The Solution – I built an automated tool that imported client data from their accounting and CRM systems. From this, I could build dynamic reports which could breakdown profitability by sector, type of hardware owned, age of hardware, the number of call-outs, and cost.

The Result – My reporting tool easily produced dynamic reports with accurate classifications based on hardware and costs. Saving the Amazing Support Company 120 hours a year.

Autorama – Leasing Pricing Comparison Tool

The Challenge – Autorama provides 30,000 different makes and models of vehicles on personal leases. Each lease can have 5 different term lengths, 12 different mileage options, 2 different initial payment options and can be provider by 10 different funders. This meant they needed to process 36 million pricing combinations to generate their prices.

The Solution – I developed a tool that automatically gathered and commonized pricing data from all their funders. A front end gave Autorama the flexibility to set their markups and discounts globally, or by make and/or model.

The Result – The tool allowed them to automatically process the 36 million price points. It also enabled them to apply different markups and discounts by make and/or model. The tool saved 4,000 to 5,000 hours per year.

Bowater Price – Leasing Comparison Tool

The Challenge –Bowater Price was struggling to process car leasing rate books provided by their funders. Each funder provided their rate books in different formats with differing vehicle descriptions and data. This made combining and comparing rates a long time-consuming manual process.

The Solution – The tool I developed fully automated the combining of their rate books. A front end then allowed Bowater Price to apply markups, discounts, maintenance options, and commercial/personal leasing variations. Once the process was completed price comparison was simply a case of selecting a making and model.

The Result – The tool enabled Bowater Price to save over 2,400 hours a year.

Corporate Citizenship – Charity Donation Management Tool

The Challenge –Corporate Citizenships clients help charities by donating their unused office space. Their satellite offices manage these donations at a local level and gather data on how these donations were used. Their London office would gather this data and generate a 36 KPI report. This was a long slow manual process prone to errors.

The Solution – I developed 2 tools for this project. The first tool was a data entry tool used by the satellite offices. To reduce errors, it validated data as it was being entered. The second tool gathered the data from satellite offices and consolidated it into a reporting dashboard.

The Result – The tool saved each satellite office dozens of hours a month and Corporate Citizenship’s London office over 120 hours a month. Data entry and processing errors were reduced by over 90%.

MGN Fire Protection – Project Management Tool

The Challenge – MGN Fire Protection is contracted to work on sites around the UK and although most of the work is fixed contract work, their clients often require them to carry out additional ad hoc work on site. Keeping track of this ad hoc work and the materials used was proving problematic with lots of emails being passed back and fore.

The Solution – I developed a contract management tool that was flexible enough to manage both their fixed contact work and their on-site ad hoc work. There were two versions of the tool (one for on-site work and one for off-site work). The latter would gather data from the former to produce company-wide results.

The Result –     The tools resulted in quicker and more accurate data entry (both on-site and off-site), reducing errors by over 90%

Oliver Marketing – Pricing & Product Distribution Tool

The Challenge –Oliver Marketing needed to distribute product, pricing, and calorie data to a large chain of coffee shops across Europe. This was then to be displayed on computerized pricing boards in each shop. Each store needed pricing data specific to it with a store’s pricing based on its country and its location (high street, airport, railway station). This was managed by updating one spreadsheet per store and emailing it to the store.

The Solution – A developed a single spreadsheet tool that would email each store with a dynamically generated set of data specific to it. A single set of data, held in the tool, would be processed with various markups and other rules to produce each store’s unique data file.

The Result – Faster and easier distribution of product, pricing, and calorie data resulted in Oliver Marketing saving 600 hours a year. Human errors were eliminated by automating the process.

Pepsico – Hedge Fund Tool

The Challenge – With hundreds of production facilities spread out across Europe, Pepsico needed a way of alleviating the risks of buying commodities (rice, wheat, oranges, packing materials, etc). As most production facilities were recently purchased in an acquisition drive by Pepsico, there was no commonality in the purchasing data provided by each facility.

The Solution – I produced a tool that automated the collection of purchasing data from each facility and commonized it. Once commonized the tool could forecast the purchasing of commodities and produce a plan for purchasing the relevant hedge funds. Removing the risk of price changes in those commodities.

The Result – PepsiCo used the system to manage the hedge funds for over 100 production plants across Europe. It increased the accuracy of board-level purchasing forecasts. It also saved 2,500 hours of manual processing work per year.

TT Electronics – Automated Scheduling and Costing Tool

The Challenge –Each item they manufactured had its own Bill of Materials (BOM) from which a stock purchasing list can be built. With a large order book, keeping track of purchasing requirements became too difficult for standard systems to handle. TT Electronics needed a way of amalgamating all its BOMs and producing an overall purchasing list.

The Solution – I developed a 3-part tool. (1) The tool allowed the user to build a quotation, store it, and eventually turn it into an order. (2) The tool combined all the live quote’s BOMs to produce an overall purchasing list. (3) Cross-referenced the overall purchasing list against existing stock levels and purchased orders to produce a master final purchasing list.

The Result – The tool was fully automated and replaced several paper-based costing processes. This helped reduce the time needed for producing quotes and the purchasing of materials. Time savings were estimated by TT Electronics to be over 1,200 hours per year.

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