Oliver Marketing – Pricing & Product Distribution Tool

A tool for automating the distribution of pricing and product information to hundreds of coffee shops across Europe.

The Challenge

A client of Oliver’s needed a method to distribute product and calorie information to a large chain of coffee shops dotted around Europe. This was so their computerised pricing boards in each shop could be easily and quickly updated. This was complicated by a huge range of SKUs, with each country having a different range of SKUs on offer with products described in different languages.

Assembling the list of SKUs, prices, calorie information and descriptions was a long manual process. Each shop set its own pricing depending on their location and type of shop (standalone shop, in a department store, in an airport or station, etc.).

Oliver’s client also needed to get pricing data back from their shops and into their central database. This was a long process of manually re-entering data received by email into a central database.

My Solution

I developed a three-stage tool that greatly simplified the process.

Stage 1 – This took the clients complete list of SKUs and cross-referenced it with information known about each shop. This allowed the tool to build individual lists of SKUs for each store.

These individual lists were then distributed to each of the shops to upload to their pricing boards.

Stage 2 – This built a similar set of lists to those built in stage 1. These were also distributed to the shops who entered their pricing information and sent it back to the client’s head office, where they were stored in a central location.

Stage 3 – This took the pricing information gathered in stage 2 and converted it into a database file suitable to uploading into the client’s database.

The Results

Oliver saw many benefits to this tool, including;

  • Faster and easier distribution of SKU, description and calories information to each of their shops.
  • Faster and easier gathering of pricing data from each of the shops.
  • Reduced errors.
  • Time saving of over 600 hours a year.

Since completing this work for Oliver, I have worked on numerous projects for them and a variety of their clients.