Powerful, Bespoke Excel VBA Applications

An Excel VBA application can be far more powerful, flexible and easier to maintain than expensive off-the-shelf applications.

What Can Excel VBA Applications Do for Your Business?

Building a bespoke application for your business does not have to be a major financial investment. Excel VBA applications can be as powerful as fully bespoke software, but it doesn’t need anywhere near the same amount of financial outlay.

Some applications I have built for clients around the world include;

  • Production planning applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • A hedge fund management application monitoring $500m of hedge funds.
  • A soil analysis application analysing data gathered by drones.
  • A pricing comparison / analysis application checking 50m prices.
  • A tide analysis and prediction tool for a leading European university.

Applications developed using Excel and VBA can go far beyond what a normal spreadsheet can do. Some of the more powerful features we can incorporate include;

  • Windows forms for data entry and validation.
  • File handling and manipulation.
  • API Connections to external services
  • Working with other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, Access etc)
  • Connecting to databases (SQL etc) and other data sources.

Benefits of Excel VBA Applications

There are too many benefits to developing a spreadsheet application to list here, but some major benefits include;

Speedy Results

Fully utilising the power of VBA makes your application thousands of times faster than a normal spreadsheet.

Ease of Use

Easy to use interfaces and layouts ensure your application is a breeze to use, increasing efficiency further.


Excel VBA applications are infinitely more flexibility and have more choices than applications bought off the shelf.

Error Prevention

The validation of data as it is entered or imported, can identify and eliminate errors before they become too costly.

Cost Saving

Excel VBA applications take less time to develop and as a result cost far less than applications developed from scratch.

Future Proof

Excel applications are open ended and can be expanded upon or updated at any time, by anyone with the right skills.