TT Electronics – Automated Scheduling and Costing Tool

An automated materials scheduling, costing and quotation tool that saved TT Electronics over 1,200 hours a year.

Client Overview

TT Electronics build military and avionic grade wiring looms and connectors for aeronautical, military and transport clients around the world. Their flexible manufacturing environment and accredited facilities ensure they are the preferred choice in a global market.

The Challenge

TT Electronics produce wiring looms and connectors for the aerospace and military sectors. Each item they produced had its own Bill of Materials (BOM) from which a purchasing / stock requirement can be built. Typically, an item would be made up of components, wires and sub-assemblies with their own further BOMs (Bill of Materials). With a large order book, keeping track of purchasing / stock requirements became too difficult for standard systems to handle.

Problems were caused when multiple orders for different items needed common components. For example, 2 orders for 2 different items might need the same grade of wire but in totally different lengths. This made amalgamating and tracking their stock requirements very difficult.

My Solution

I developed a multi-stage tool. The first part of the tool allowed the user to build a quotation, store it and eventually turn it in to an order.

The second stage of the tool these converted orders and combined them with their Bills of Materials to produce stock requirements and costs. This bill of materials was then combined with other BOMs to produce an overall materials schedule. The second part of the tool also imported existing stock levels and reduced the overall schedule of materials accordingly.

The final part of the tool then produced a final materials schedule for the purchases to purchase against.

The tool also included an order priority system, so if materials were in short supply the orders with penalties for late delivery could be prioritised over those without penalties.

The Results

The many benefits experienced by TT Electronics included;

  • Fully automated quote and costing tool.
  • The elimination of a paper-based costing and quotation system.
  • Reduced the time needed to produce complex down to minutes instead of days, sometimes weeks.
  • Improved the accuracy of their quotes.
  • Automated a lot of their purchasing processes.
  • A time saving of 1,200 hours per year