Unit Birwelco – Production Planning and Scheduling Tool

A production planning and scheduling tool that allowed Unit Birwelco to take on more work through more efficient planning.

Client Overview

Unit Birwelco is an International heavy engineering and construction contractor, and thermal equipment manufacturer. They provide a comprehensive range of heavy engineering services to a variety of industries around the world.

The Challenge

Unit Birwelco design, build and install super heaters for the power generation industry. Each one takes several months to go from the drawing board to being delivered to site and installed. With a full order book, they were finding production planning and scheduling becoming more and more difficult. After experimenting with “Off the shelf” software they found nothing matched their needs in full.

My Solution

I developed a production and scheduling tool that solved these issues for Unit Birwelco. It allowed them to enter the details of the contracts they had won and detail the amount of time the project needed in each section of their production facility. This then produced a graphical report showing the impact on the workload of each production section for the next 2 years.

Any over-loading of a production section was automatically highlighted and could then be resolved by shifting the production schedule, by temporarily employing more staff in that section or by contracting out some work.

The Results

  • Quicker and more effective planning
  • Improved utilisation of the various production sectors
  • Shortened project turnaround times
  • The ability to take on more work through better utilisation.